Children’s Salt Halotherapy

At Just Breathe in Winter Park, Florida, we offer Dry Salt Therapy for children as young as one month. Dry Salt Therapy aka Halotherapy, is a safe and 100% natural therapy. Halotherapy is an effective and therapeutic treatment for a range of respiratory and immune system-related conditions. Children’s Halotherapy at Just Breathe is a popular way to provide needed therapy in a fun, relaxing, and calming environment.

Salt is a 100% drug free and all-natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial treatment that opens the airways and drains the sinuses. Breathing in the salt acts as expectorant flushing out allergens from the lungs.

Why Salt Halotherapy for Children?

As a parent, guardian, or caregiver, you are no doubt aware of the myriad respiratory, skin, and immune system-related conditions that so many children suffer from. Children tend to be more susceptible than adults to breathing issues such as asthma, allergies, ear infections and more! Children’s Halotherapy is recognized as an effective and safe alternative help lessen the conditions of:

  • Sinus Infections
  • Congestion
  • Ear Infections
  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Eczema
  • Pneumonia
  • Allergies
  • Persistent Cough

Note that this is not an all-inclusive list. There are many more conditions that Halotherapy can help your child with.

History of Salt Therapy

Centuries ago, the practice of visiting salt caves in Eastern Europe was quite common for the purpose of therapy. Salt caves like this were uncovered in the 1800s by salt miners in Poland. In essence, these caves represented the first known instances of what we now call halotherapy. Interestingly, the Polish miners working in these salt caverns did not suffer from respiratory ailments as other miners did. They were determined to be in robust health and did not fall ill from the colds and coughs like others in the community.

Ensuing research showed that it was the exposure to the salt that was creating a kind of fortification of the lungs and airways in the miners. The salt was working inside their bodies as a natural agent to prevent the miners from succumbing to respiratory symptoms and infections.

That led to a new movement, where people from all over the world came to open time in the mines and enjoy the benefits of Dry Salt Therapy.

How Halotherapy Works

Since those early days, Dry Salt therapy or Halotherapy has been extensively studied. The benefits of Salt Therapy for children come from the effects of inhaling 99.99% pure Grade Sodium Chloride (salt). The pure grade sodium chloride (salt) is placed in a halogenerator which releases the dry salt into the grinder. These particles are then dispersed by a blower/fan mechanism that pushes the salt particles into the salt room. Halotherapy is very beneficial to children suffering from allergies, nasal or bronchial inflammation, asthma and other respiratory disorders. Just 45-minutes in a salt room, such as the salt room for Children’s Halotherapy at Just Breathe in Winter Park, FL, can make a remarkable difference in respiratory health.

Benefits of Children’s Salt Halotherapy

For children in Winter Park or surrounding areas who suffer from a range of conditions related to the respiratory or immune system, as well as certain skin conditions, Halotherapy provides a range of benefits.

Unlike other forms of treatment, Halotherapy is a passive experience. Rather than dosing children with medication or forcing them to undergo uncomfortable treatments, parents and caregivers can allow kids to relax in an enjoyable environment while they are simultaneously being treated.

Experiencing Salt Therapy for Children

When you bring your child over one months of age to Just Breathe for Childrens Halotherapy, we believe you will be more than pleased with the experience.

Micro-particles of salt are disbursed into the air as children play in a space filled with sand that resembles salt at the beach. During the 45-minute session, they can play with toys and read stories while their accompanying adult unwinds or plays around in the salt with their child.

The Children & Family salt room for children at Just Breathe in Winter Park, FL is available to multiple children at one time, along with their parents. If you wish to have a private session for your child, all you need to do is make the booking on weekdays prior to 4:00 PM. Please call ahead to schedule and for pricing details.

If your child is six years of age or younger, an adult must accompany them, at no extra charge.

Results of Children’s Salt Halotherapy in Winter Park

Salt is a natural antibacterial remedy and is anti-inflammatory. With Halotherapy, the salt functions as an expectorant, clearing irritants from the lungs when breathed in.

Expected Results Include:

  • Improve lung function
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Better drainage of the sinuses due to thinned mucous
  • Reduction of respiratory system inflammation
  • Reduction in skin inflammation

Salt therapy is a well-proven and effective, 100% drug-free remedy that offers many positive benefits. Find out more about Children’s Halotherapy at Just Breathe Salt Therapy Wellness Spa.

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