Sugaring is an organic ancient middle-eastern practice that uses an all-natural paste made from sugar, water, and lemon juice to remove the hair follicle from the root. Sugaring is also less painful than waxing because the sugar adheres to only the hair, not the skin.

Our all-natural technique is actually able to produce long-term results, with growth slowing down after each subsequent session. In many cases, clients see a permanent end to their unwanted hair growth in the areas treated.


Sugaring…because beauty doesn’t have to hurt.

At Just Breathe Salt Therapy Wellness Spa, we disagree with the idea that ‘beauty hurts,’ and we make sure our sugaring services reflect that. Unlike conventional waxing, our sugar paste can adhere solely to the unwanted hair follicles and dead skin cells on your skin’s surface. That means when the paste is ultimately removed, it doesn’t disrupt your skin.  This all-natural paste creates a considerably less-painful experience. 


Sugaring results typically last around four to six weeks depending on the area and the rate at which your hair grows.

Eyebrows$ 30.00
Lip$ 16.00
Chin$ 16.00
Underarms$ 25.00 and up
Full Face$ 60.00
Full Arm$ 50.00
Full Back$ 75.00
Full Body$ 325.00
Full Leg$ 90.00
Half Arm$ 35.00
Half Leg$ 45.00
Lower Back$ 35.00
Shoulders$ 50.00
Stomach$ 35.00
Bikini$ 60.00
Betweenie$ 55.00
Brazilian$ 85.00
Male Chest$ 60.00
Male Half Leg$ 55.00
Male Lower Back$ 50.00
Male Stomach$ 85.00

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