Facial Infusion

Get your glow on with our most popular professional treatment.

Signature Osmosis Facial featuring our Nano Infusion tool which generates a 30-day collagen production increase and creates a rapid cell turnover for a healthy skin barrier. This is our modern alternative to chemical peels with instant results and no skin wounding or downtime.   This treatment uses a powerful form of Vitamin A – that can be combined with a customized cocktail of facial infusions that fast tracks ingredient absorption to enhance results for acne, uneven tone, texture, aging, and dehydration. This is the perfect holistic approach to help correct your skin concerns without causing irritation.


Restorative facial

Holistic Custom Facial

With our signature custom Facial, your therapist will customize your facial just the way you like it with skin-specific enzyme blends, skin-specific peel, lip, and eye treatments. This facial is designed to promote new skin growth, cleanse, and exfoliate your face with professional care to prevent future skin abrasions, maintain healthy skin, promote anti-aging, and address problem areas.  Restore your skin’s vitality with a radiant, youthful-looking complexion.  Our Holistic Custom Facial helps with sunspots and provides you with a smooth, soft, and rested look.

Teen Facial

We also offer a facial designed with your teenager’s sensitive skin in mind. In a salt therapy session, the microscopic salt particles are absorbed by the skin’s epidermis, which is why a halotherapy session at least once a week is suggested for those who suffer from acne. Mild enough to aid with acne yet designed with an all-natural product line to soothe and aid in healing your teen’s skin post-treatment as well to help to prevent future breakouts. Long-lasting benefits may include suggesting a change to your teen’s skincare products. Our trained esthetician and acne specialists will customize your teen’s facial to benefit their skin’s situation at the time of treatment. A teen must be 13 years of age and have parental permission to have a teen facial.

Teen Facial
Adult Acne Facial

Adult Acne Facial

While most teens suffer from some level of acne, so do many adults. Our trained esthetician provides facials for adult acne. Halotherapy is recommended again at least once a week for those who suffer from severe acne. Whether you are in a salt room session for respiratory wellness or purely just for the health of your skin, the skin will benefit overall from salt therapy sessions. For this reason, those who suffer from acne on their back, shoulders, or arms should wear a sleeveless shirt. Due to salt having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, the salt acts as an exfoliant, shedding dead skin cells. The perfect complement to a salt session is facial to treat severe acne breakouts further.

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