Combined with our dry salt halotherapy, a massage helps destress you improve circulation, energy, and alertness while reducing inflammation in the respiratory tract, allowing your body to heal naturally. This restorative experience involves the manipulation of soft tissue structures of the body to prevent and alleviate pains, discomfort, muscle spasms, and stress. This uniquely revitalizing massage is flexible enough to accommodate your individual needs while adding all the healing benefits of a dry salt halotherapy session at the same time. You may enjoy a massage without the benefits of our dry salt halotherapy however, the cost is the same and competitive with the rates for an hour-long massage at most area luxury spas.

salt massage


Our 60-minute Swedish Massage is enhanced with the use of Himalayan stones. Our Himalayan stones are 100% pure Himalayan pink salt which has 84 naturally occurring minerals and elements that revitalize your body.  Himalayan Salt Stones may benefit you by increasing blood circulation, reducing inflammation, improving sleep, inducing deep relaxation, and improve overall sense of well-being.

The stones are heated and placed on your body while other heated stones are used as an extension of the massage therapist’s hands to provide you with the ultimate massage.


Our 60-minute Deep Tissue Massage is a deeper, more intense massage that works on the body’s deeper layers of muscle tissue and fascia.  We recommend our deep tissue massage for people who experience consistent pain or soreness in their muscles and are comfortable with a slightly more intense touch. Our deep tissue massage is customizable for your needs, which can also be gentler. Deep tissue can be relaxing too!  Couple, a deep tissue massage with our halotherapy’s relaxing and healing benefits and experience the amazing results.

Craniosacral Massage therapy (CST)

It is a gentle, hands-on massage technique. It uses a light touch to release tension around your body’s connective tissue network called the fascia. CST promotes pain relief from headaches, neck pain and the side effects of cancer treatment.

Prenatal Massage Therapy

It provides relief from muscular strain, pain and tension. Allow us to pamper you and honor this special time. We use all natural massage products that are safe for mommy and baby.

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