Sound Therapy & Frequency Therapy


Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

Available with or without Dry Salt Therapy

A crystal bowl sound bath harnesses reverberating sounds released from crystal bowls of varied sizes. Each quartz bowl is designed to release different frequencies resonating within your body, cleansing and rebalancing on a cellular level. Individuals may feel warmth, tingling, sleepy, or emotional during this time. It is completely normal and encouraged as your body will be shedding unwanted energies and recreating healthier, more harmonious ones. Private sessions can be up to 2 adults.

Group Crystal Singing Bowl w/Dry Salt Therapy and up to 7 adults.



Available with or without Dry Salt Therapy

Reiki is often used in medical facilities to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression related to illness, along with speeding up recovery time after surgery and during treatments. Reiki also helps stimulate the body’s immune system and bring patients into a meditative, more relaxed mental state.

Tuning Forks

Available with or without Dry Salt Therapy

Using forks tuned to Solfeggio Frequency which have a wide range of physical and mental health benefits. Some of these benefits include lowered stress, improved sleep, and overall healthier mental well-being. After the session is complete, feelings of dizziness, tiredness, tingly sensations, or warmth can be expected and completely safe.

Sound Therapy & Frequency Therapy

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